Maple Professional Math Toolbox for LabVIEW

The Maple™ Professional Math Toolbox for LabVIEW™ augments LabVIEW with easy access to the sophisticated symbolic and numeric math functionality of Maple. The toolbox allows you to develop solutions within the LabVIEW environment using the world’s most advanced mathematical solvers and a sweeping range of data analysis tools.
The toolbox includes over 150 ready-to-use LabVIEW virtual instruments (VIs), which can be seamlessly integrated into LabVIEW applications, making powerful analysis and simulation accessible to all users. VIs include: LabVIEW/Maple type conversions, symbolic constants, symbolic and numeric math operations, and matrix and vector operations. A rich Maple scripting language allows you to extend functionality of these pre built VIs, as well as give you the ability to build custom blocks.

Application Areas

Control system development
Test and measurement systems
Process engineering
Signal processing

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