Calculus Study Guide

Why choose the Clickable Calculus Study Guide?

  • An interactive e-book designed to help you succeed in your first year calculus courses.
  • You’ll never again think you’ve misunderstood a concept when really you just lost a minus sign. While you are learning, you can leave the mechanics of the computations to Maple so you can focus on understanding the new ideas.
  • The many plots and animations help you actually see what is going on in your problem and what your solution means.
  • With over 450 worked problems taken from more than 65 topics from first year calculus, you will always find the help you need. This guide completely covers introductory differential and integral calculus courses (Calculus I and Calculus II).
  • You’ll learn how to easily visualize and solve your own calculus problems in Maple, so you can check your homework and get extra practice.
  • The perfect companion product to Maple 2015 Student Edition


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