Global Optimization Toolbox for Maple

Optimization is a discipline that seeks to find an optimal solution to the problem identified by some constraints. In engineering practice, these limitations are given both by the physical properties and by the technical specification of the problem. In business practice, we encounter limitations in terms of human resources, equipment, price and time.

The goal of global optimization is to find the best possible solution in nonlinear models, which usually contain several optimization subproblems. It is clear, therefore, that these problems are very difficult to solve. For a global minimum (maximum / minimum), a search has to be performed that fully covers all options. The absence of tools for global optimization forces engineers and developers to reach out to local extrema (permissible solution) and often finds no optimal solution.

By using the Global Optimization Toolbox, optimization problems can be formulated more simply and can be addressed directly by the powerful symbolic and numeric system Maple.



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