Mathematics Survival Kit

The Mathematics Survival Kit – Maple Edition is the perfect companion for college & high school math students.

  • Covers over 150 common topics that typically plague students, such as completing the square, factoring cubes, derivative rules, and those annoying log properties. Topics range from high school to first year college. See a full topic listing.
  • Full of examples, illustrative graphs, and unlimited practice problems (with hints!), where you can check your answer with the click of a button.
  • Get on track quickly – each topic covers a very specific concept, allowing you to learn the piece you are stuck on without having to read earlier sections.
  • Based on the popular The Mathematics Survival Kit, 3rd Edition, also written by Jack Weiner and published by Nelson Education Ltd.
  • Built on Maple, the powerful mathematics platform used in schools all over the world.
  • New Edition!

    The latest release of The Mathematics Survival Kit – Maple Edition contains 31 additional topics, bringing the total to 171. All of the new topics were created in response to requests from readers of earlier editions. The additional content deepens the coverage of mathematical topics at every level, from early high school to university, and even includes some new pre-high school topics. The additional content follows the same structure as the rest of the book, with explanations, examples, and automatic grading of randomly generated practice questions for every topic.

    View the table of contents for the full topic list

  • New material includes:

    • Operations with decimals
    • Ratio, rate, and percent
    • Complex numbers
    • Partial fractions
    • Trigonometric ratios: SOH CAH TOA
    • Graphing straight lines and solving linear equations
    • Composite functions
    • L’Hôpital’s Rule
    • Integration by trig substitution
    • Definite integral problems
    • Integrating functions with discontinuities
    • Differential equations – separation of variables
    • Parametric equations
    • Probability
    • Proof by induction
    • and more!