Maple T. A. – student

The basis of the student’s work within the Maple T.A. is his registration into the selected subject. After completing the basic data for the system, it can log in to individual home tasks and tests, and the system keeps track of the results of the individual examples. Students who only want to repeat and practice their knowledge without needing a subsequent evaluation may not have to do in Maple T.A. sign up because they do not require a login.

When preparing homework and tests, the student advances in the order of each example and can return to them. In one example, there may be more variants of questions, and the answers to individual questions are mixed.

Maple T.A. automatically evaluates students’ knowledge of mathematics, allowing them to go from simple questions asked by selecting to more demanding questions requiring the student’s own solution in the form of the resulting expression. In this case, Maple T.A. able to determine the equivalence between the original solution and the solution entered by the student.

Practical problems presented and evaluated using Maple T.A. deepen students’ knowledge and test what students understand and do not understand. Automatic assessment of exercises and tests allows you to record advances in student knowledge and also enable teachers to change their learning techniques accordingly.

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