Additional products

MapleConnect premier offers third-party products that are designed for Maple users. In particular, these add-ons make it easy to work with Maple. These are the following products:

dynaflexpro_maleDynaFlexPro is modeling and simulating the dynamics of mechanical systems. It is based on rapid modeling using block diagrams and menus. More »

nviz_malenVizx for Maple is an add-on software designed for high-quality visualization. More »

icp_maleICP for Maple . is a package of development tools that allow for quick and easy identification in engineering systems. It is the                                ideal  solution for the design of new systems and their inregration                               into the Simulink program. More »


MapleConnect is a program designed to support the creation of Maple add-ons. These are the following products:

doplnky_derivative_securitiesIntroduction to Derivative Securities is an interactive book for the Maple system, which explains through many exemplary examples of mathematical theory that is hidden behind individual terms. More »

doplnky_structuralmechanicsStructural Mechanics for Maple allows to calculate both static and dynamic structures including discrete structures. More »

doplnky_chemistryMathematics for Chemistry with Symbolic Computation is an electronic publication of mathematics, which is in the form of worksheets and examples are chosen from the chemical field. More »

doplnky_mapletscalcMaplets for Calculus is a collection of pedagogically focused Maplets designed to help students learn calculus. More »

doplnky_quaternionsQuaternions allows the creation of experiments and models using Maple. More »

doplnky_harmonicanalysisHarmonic Analysis is a collection of pedagogically focused Maplets designed to help students learn. More »

doplnky_mapleutilitiesThe Maple Utilities is an intuitive library of over 100 commands that extend the system capabilities Maple. More »

doplnky_symbolictoolsSymbolic Tools extends the library’s numeric and graphic capabilities GAUSS. More »



doplnky_syntfilSYNTFIL allows you to create analog electrical filters in the Maple system. More »

doplnky_digitallabDigital Lab is an intuitive environment for creating and simulating digital circuits in Maple. More »

doplnky_pscfuncPSC Functions is a function package designed to model curves and surfaces and troubleshoot 3-D geometry. More »

doplnky_fourierA New Twist to Fourier Transforms is the 32 Maple Worksheet library illustrating Fourier transforms and their applications.More »

doplnky_maplemastery1MapleMastery is a video lesson that is intended for teaching how to use the systemMaple. More »

doplnky_fuzzysetsFuzzy Sets  Maple is a package that allows to apply fuzzy logic and fuzzy sets in mathematical models. More »