Introducing the new Maple 2016!

Friday March 4th, 2016

 Canadian company Maplesoft, Inc. has launched a new version of Maple 2016 math software. Some news of the Maple 2016 system     

Some news of the new Maple 2016 system

  • New Maple Workbook
  • Enhance Maple 2016 computing capabilities
  • Another extension of the so-called Clickable Math
  •  The ability to create complex interactive applications and share them on MapleCloud
  • Flexible and intuitive use of data types for organizing and analyzing data
  • New statistical tools for analyzing and visualizing data, including component analysis
  • The ability to use scalability support, barrier detection, parallelization to help solve these problems
  • New interactive Math Apps portal
  • And much more

News can be found here.


New MapleT.A. 10

Dear customers,

Maple T.A. 10 is a new version of Maple T.A., the new functionality of which is mainly based on the requirements of students, instructors, administrators. The area where Maple T.A. use, increasing the usability itself and, in particular, the flexibility for online testing and assessment. Major Changes in Maple T.A .

Mobile access to all of the new functionality is accessible from mobile devices through standard web browsers, not only on computers and tablets, but also on iPads, Android tablets, and more.

Completely new environment design o Maple T.A. now offers a very straightforward and simple environment that is based primarily on customer requirements and uses a very simple workflow, both in parts for students and in pedagogical areas.

More types of technical issues o There are new technical issues such as Graph sketching, free body diagrams and so-called Math App issues that allow for more advanced testing in technical areas. For more information, click here <News in Maple T.A.10>.


Update Maple T.A.9.5

Dear users of Maple T.A.,

Maplesoft publishes an update for this system, which includes many improvements, especially for system security, support for new browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11. The question repository, math expressions, parallel data access, and last but not least the API have been improved. Especially for security reasons, this upgrade to Maple T.A. recommended for installation. The update can be downloaded from



Maple support on Windows XP ends

Dear Maple Users,

we’d like to inform you that Microsoft’s Windows operating system maker will no longer issue XP security patches from April 8, 2014. Therefore, Maplesoft will no longer be able to support older Maple products on this manufacturer’s own already unsupported Windows XP operating system. These are mainly Maple 12 and older systems. We would like to draw your attention to the need to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Regarding the ability to run Maple 11 and Maple 12 on Windows 7, it’s important to note that some users have serious problems with using Maple 11 and Maple 12 on this operating system. For this reason, please note that Maple 11 and Maple 12 are not officially supported on the Windows 7 operating system. However, it is possible that some users will be Maple 11 or Maple 12 working seamlessly on Windows 7.
In the case of switching to Windows 8, it is important to note that only Maple 15 and later versions are supported by Maplesoft on this system. Older version of Maple 14 has serious problems running on Windows 8 and therefore mostly does not work properly.

The Maple 15 and Maple 16.00 / 16.01 versions work on Windows 8 only in compatible Windows 7 mode. Maple 16.02 and later versions should work on Windows 8 without any problems.
Additionally, Maple 17 and Maple 18 are only two versions officially supported on Windows 8.

Waterloo, March 2013
Maplesoft Inc.

In particular, support for older Maple systems on individual versions of the Windows operating system is not possible for technical reasons, which are mostly caused by changes in Windows operating systems, where part of the functionality is replaced by another functionality, so the old functionality used in Maple is no longer available. That is why Maple is not working properly. But this is not a problem on Maplesoft’s side, but it’s a tax on developing and deploying new Windows operating systems.